At G. D. Goenka Public School, Sports training is imparted to the students in order to inculcate in them a feeling of sportsman spirit, team spirit, self discipline and a spirit of general well-being.

Every student participates in a Sports Activity of his/her choice. A well defined syllabus for each sport of their choice, enables them to pursue with interest, the game of their liking.

Physical fitness, achieved through team sports and fitness classes are a part of the total educational experience at GDGPS Srinagar. As one of the nation’s top urban schools, GDGPS Srinagar offers a strong academic, sport and activities curriculum, effectively delivered on a beautiful campus with well-equipped and modern facilities.

Interscholastic sports and fitness, woven into the daily curriculum, is aimed at providing balance to the body and mind of the students. Whether it is simply an escape from the academic curriculum or helping a child cope with stress or helping an obese child lose weight or an opportunity to develop a technical skill, physical fitness is essential for every child. It helps develop discipline and focus and nothing teaches teamwork and leadership skills better than a sport. In developing a sense of sportsmanship a child is better equipped to deal with success and failure. It is one of the most vital building blocks of an all-round education. Children involved in the sports programme experience some of the most challenging and rewarding moments of their lives.

The Physical Education Department consists of a team of dedicated teachers who specialists in their filed and are responsible for the implementation of the day-to-day sports programme.

Expert coaches are recruited to initiate beginners and to encourage enthusiasts, as well as to train students to take part in various competitions..