The School Doctor is in charge of providing medical care to children in accordance with medical science and experience. This care has a holistic approach i.e from the physical and the mental perspective, regardless of age or gender and represents the health interests of pupils.

Besides this group, Doctor also address school Principal, Teachers, Parents and the persons in charge with Child care, with whom the cooperation has to be sought for the welfare and benefit of the pupil.

The Doctor enhances the personal development of Children from the medical point of view.

The physical health of each Student is our primary concern and Goenka has an on Campus Medical facility to provide immediate medical care in case of emergency.

A qualified Doctor and a Nurse is available in the Campus

A well-furnished Medical room is open to accommodate the Students falling sick during school hour’s and first aid is given to all minor injuries.

All the Students are assisted by adult staff in case they need to visit the hospital.

The School has a tie -up with the local hospital for medical emergencies of the Student’s .

Each Student’s Medical records are properly documented in the School  system.


Dr. Samreen Shafi
School Doctor