For the smooth running of a school good Administration is a pre-requisite. At GDGPS administration is run by a team of experienced officers. It works in close liaison with the Principal and staff to ensure timely execution of school related activities. High priority is given to housekeeping, hygiene, ‘safe’ practices and efficient monitoring of transport. Security is of prime importance and considerable effort is put in for access and parameter controls. Environment and ‘green’ practices are sincerely implemented by the school administration.

The Reception provides an interface between the School and the Community. The polite and courteous Goenkan staff behind the reception area strengthens our belief in the promise of the school, to provide a conducive environment to the children, staff and parents. This area is very warm and welcoming.

It is well planned and well-lit. It houses not only the plush furniture but also the TV (with educational channels) and magazines to help the visitors while they wait