Dear Students, Teachers and Parents,

“Please read the following information”

Features of a good Counselling Service:

All staff, parents or carers, pupils and school partners are aware that a school based counselling service is being offered.

Information about the School Counselling service should be available and understood by all staff.

Information and publicity materials have been developed and made available for all the different audience: staff, parents or carers, and pupils.

Counselling is seen as a part of a whole school approach to emotional health and well being and school effectiveness.

The service is integrated into the school.

The counselling room is accessible, private, secure, safe and welcoming.

The counsellor is suitably qualified and works within an ethical framework.

The counselor is familiar and works with relevant legislation and procedures, including child protection and safeguarding procedures.

The counselor has knowledge of mental disorders and the evidence base for effective treatments.

There are clear referrals, including self-referral procedures in place.

The complaints procedure is accessible to all.

There are protocols in place for working with, and referring to, other agencies.

Thank you for your cooperation,

School Counsellor.

Dr. Nafeesa Khurshid