School Re-opening – March – 2023

February 27, 2023

Dear Parents and Students
Greetings from GD Goenka, Srinagar!
The school reopening dates are as follows:

MARCH 1st – Grade 5 to Grade 11.

MARCH 3rd- KG to Grade 4.

Kindergarten (NUR /LKG) classes will commence on MARCH 6th.

The reporting hours are from 9.45 am to 3:00 pm. School buses will be available as per the previous schedule. The dismissal time for non-bus students will be at 3:00 pm after buses leave the campus. Bus timing will be communicated by the transport department.
Kindergarten Classes will have late reporting and early dismissal time. Nursery and LKG children can be brought to school by parents on their own and taken back at the end of the school hours for the first week.
We are looking forward to a successful academic year ahead.
Thanking you for your continuous support and cooperation.