Chickpeas -Activity-K.G.

August 18, 2021

Sensory learning is so important for young children. Digging in the garden, splashing in a mud puddle, or playing in the sandbox are all great ways to do this outdoors, but what about indoors?That’s where these beautiful chickpeas come in!
Chickpeas is a sensory delight to play with, and kids are sure to love playing with over and over again.
Grade KG has scheduled an activity on saturday 21-08-2021.
All you need is
•Plastic tray
•Bowls (3)
•Chickpeas(Channna) raw.
This activity is great to teach kids:

Cocnept of equal,unequal
Concept of Greater,lesser
Eye hand coordination
Timing:11:00 am
KG Department

IT Team